29 Lil Nas X Tweets That Are 100% "Haha" And 100% "Yeehaw"

1.On consistency:

2.On cancelling himself:

3.On success:

4.On Paris:

5.On being a guy:

6.On septum piercings:

7.On saving the planet:

8.On inventing horses:

9.On having an epiphany:

10.On a live-action Hercules:

11.On people regurgitating information:

12.On art:

13.On reinterpreting “Old Town Road”:

14.On acknowledging those who came before us:

15.On Glastonbury:

16.On getting cultured:

17.On his Insta comments:

18.On truly making it:

19.On the tour of the century:

20.On quality television:

21.On credit card fraud:

22.On the true enemies:

23.On the future:

24.On hydration:

25.On rumors:

26.On priorities:

27.On love:

28.On responsibilities:

29.And finally, on tragedy:

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