50 Cent Calls Jacob Blake’s Shooting That Leaves Him Paralyzed ‘Attempted Murder’

The ‘Power’ star/co-creator once again blasts police as he weighs in on the severe damage caused by the police brutality on the 29-year-old unarmed black man.

AceShowbiz50 Cent has once again slammed police as he reacted to a report about Jacob Blake’s condition after he was shot multiple times in the back by a white officer. On Tuesday, August 25, the rapper shared a screenshot of an article stating that Jacob is paralyzed from the waist down following the shooting.

Clearly fuming over the severe damage caused by the police brutality on the 29-year-old unarmed black man, Fiddy called the shooting “attempted murder.” He wrote in the caption, “if this wasn’t attempted murder, I have no idea what’s going on.”

Previously, on Monday, Fif posted a video which captured the incident taking place in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday. “No way what the f**k kinda law enforcement is this?” he furiously reacted. “Shot this man 7 times in his back, in front of his kids.”

On Tuesday, Jacob’s father gave an update on his son’s condition after he survived the shooting. He said that there are now “eight holes” in his son before confirming the possible permanent damage that he has from the incident. He said that Jacob is paralyzed from the waist down and doctors are not sure if the injuries are permanent yet.

“I want to put my hand on my son’s cheek and kiss him on his forehead, and then I’ll be OK,” Jacob’s father emotionally said of his son. “I’ll kiss him with my mask. The first thing I want to do is touch my son.”

He also angrily asked, “What justified all those shots? What justified doing that in front of my grandsons? What are we doing?”

The shooting has sparked protests in Kenosha that began on Sunday night and turned violent with demonstrators torching buildings and vehicles, and hurling bricks and other objects at police. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers called in 125 National Guard troops to protect the city.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page for Jacob has quickly raked more than $1 million in just one day. The fundraising page, which was launched on Monday, initially had a goal of $250,000 but the target was upped to $1 million on Tuesday as money poured in. Later in the day, the goal was raised again to $2 million.

“We are looking to raise funds to supplement the moral support and prayers we have been receiving,” organizer Julia Jackson wrote on the page. “These funds will go toward Jacob’s medical bills, family expenses, legal representation, support for his children, and therapy costs.”

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