Adam Carolla Slams Gov. Newsom, Says COVID Restriction Lift 'Too Little, Too Late'

Adam Carolla is still not a fan of Gov. Gavin Newsom … if anything, the comedian’s more furious as he suspects there’s a political motive behind Newsom lifting COVID restrictions in Cali.

The comedian joined “TMZ Live” on Tuesday and said the fact Newsom just lifted restrictions to allow outdoor dining and other businesses to reopen makes the order feel like the initial restrictions were random and arbitrary. To Adam’s point, SoCal’s ICU capacity is still near 0% — however, state modeling predicts it will rise to 33.3% in the next 4 weeks.

That being said … Adam feels Newsom only caved to lift restrictions because he’s feeling the heat from a recall campaign that’s picked up steam.

As you know … Adam’s had beef with the California Gov. for some time now. Adam voiced his support last month for recalling Newsom … because he was pissed about outdoor dining getting shut down. In his eyes … he saw no proof to connect outdoor dining to massive outbreaks of COVID cases.

If Newsom does face a recall, Adam’s got his mind set on a replacement — how about a banjo case? Seriously, he explained that choice.

Now, he admitted he’s not one to run for office himself … but Adam has a couple of ideas about how California can stop its residents from fleeing to other states like Texas, Florida and Tennessee.

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