Amber Heard bursts into tears as she tells court Johnny Depp ‘kicked her to the ground’

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Amber Heard broke down in tears again today as she claimed in court that her ex-husband Johnny Depp “kicked her to the ground” during a flight. Johnny has always maintained he was never violent during their relationship.

Amber told the court during her direct examination: “As I am walking away slowly, being very deliberate about my movements, I wasn’t saying anything, I wasn’t engaging.

“He tells me to hurry the f*** up, hurry up.

“I just look at him one more time, wanting to penetrate the monster and see the man I love underneath that.

“He tells me to hurry up again, and I pull my gaze away from him, I walk away from him.

“My back is turned from him, and I feel this boot in my back. He just kicked me in the back.

“I fell to the floor, caught myself on the floor and felt like I was looking at the floor of the plane for what felt like a long time.”

She continued in court: “I thought to myself, ‘I don’t know what to do, did he just kick me?’

“No one said anything, no one did anything, you could hear a pin drop on that plane. You could feel the tension but no one did anything.

“I just remember feeling so embarrassed that he could kick me to the ground in front of people and, more embarrassing, I didn’t know what to do about it.”

Johnny has denied all allegations of abuse. The trial continues.

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