Andrew Glennon: Already Texting a New Woman!

Andrew Glennon appears to have finally had it with Amber Portwood.

The father of a 14-month old son named James has made this pretty clear by filing first for an order of protection against his estranged girlfriend… and then for primary custody of their shared toddler.

This all happened, of course, after Portwood was arrested for allegedly attacking Glennon on the morning of July 5.

Now, however, we hear that Glennon is truly trying to move on from Amber — by flirting with another woman!

What's the evidence? And where do things really stand behind Portwood and Glennon?

Scroll down to find out!

1.Looks Can Be Deceiving

2.It All Came to an Ugly Head on July 5

3.Can We Have the Details Again?

4.From There?

5.Equally as Disturbing?

6.Police Were Then Called to the Scene

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