Ariana Grande can’t eat or breathe in Halloween costume

Just keep breathin’…or not?

Ariana Grande dressed up as a character from “The Twilight Zone,” but the prosthetics involved in the intricate Halloween costume made it hard for the pop star to do basic bodily functions.

“Reapplying my prosthetics and serving a new haunted hotel twilight zone hostess look. nothing makes me more [sic] feel more joy. even if i can’t breathe or drink or eat,” she tweeted on Thursday.

The 26-year-old pop star transformed into a woman who undergoes face surgery in the episode “Eye of the Beholder.”

Leading up to Grande’s costume reveal, she posted several clips from the spooky episode hinting at what she would  dress as.

After posting photos of the final look, she captioned a pic, “final procedure was a success.”

Grande was amped about her costume and even stayed up late at night to watch episodes of the creepy show.

When a fan asked why she wasn’t asleep, she responded, “talking to you cuties. watching twilight zone. excited ab halloween.”

She also decorated her home to have a Twilight Zone theme, sharing, “Can’t wait to keep my home disguised as the twilight zone for the rest of my life.”

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