Ashanti's Style Is Just As Timeless As Her Music – Here Are The Birthday Girl's Best Looks

If you love early 2000’s R&B, then we know you most likely also love those tracks from Ashanti’s first album. Even better, the latest word on the street is that she’s re-recording her debut album Ashanti to celebrate the 20-year anniversary since its release date. The “Rock Wit U” singer comes from the era of R&B that had that true hip-hop feel and she’s made songs with some of the greatest rappers including Big Pun and Ja Rule. Just like her melodic swag, Ashanti’s style is reminiscent of those iconic times — think mink coats and Cartier shades. 

When something is great, it stands the test of time. Ashanti’s best songs still make us sing our hearts out and hop into the smoothest two-step. We could say the same goes for her wardrobe — classic, timeless and will never go out of style. We know fashion repeats itself, and some things go in and out of the trend cycle, but the classics always remain. In honor of the Grammy Award – winning singer’s birthday, we’ve gathered some of her best looks. Happy Birthday, Ashanti!

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