Azealia Banks Admits Owning Skull of 6-Year-Old Girl but Denies Eating Her Dead Cat

The ‘212’ femcee has mada a new shocking claim during an interview as she showed off a skull of a six-year-old girl which she reportedly bought from the internet.

AceShowbizAzealia Banks has once again shocked fans by revealing she owns the skull of a six-year-old girl.

The controversial rapper called in to Australia’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” on Wednesday (20Jan21), when she was asked about the rumours that she’d eaten her dead cat – which she sparked last week by sharing a video of herself on Instagram digging up the animal and boiling it.

“Absolutely not, no I didn’t eat the cat,” she insisted. “And firstly, I wouldn’t eat a cat that has been dead for three months.”

Instead, Azealia explained that she’d boiled the cat as part of the process of taxidermy – which she’s interested in.

“I don’t know what you think happens when you go to a medical school and you see a skull or skeleton there, it’s the same thing that happens,” she said.

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She then went on to say that she often frequents scientific research websites “where you can buy human skulls like this one” before holding up the human skull on the video interview.

“Oh, my God, you’ve got a skull there,” presenter Kyle Sandilands said, to which the “212” star responded, “This is the skull of a six-year-old girl who died of head trauma.”

When she was questioned as to why she wanted such a thing, Azealia replied that she “loves bones” and “respects the afterlife,” adding, “I think that the bone is where the energy holds for a person.”

Azealia Banks has also been open about her love for witchcraft. Back in 2016, she faced outrage after posting footage of herself cleaning out a closet of blood and chicken feathers.

Sia was among those who blasted the femcee on Twitter, “Sacrificing animals for your gain is the wackest s**t I’ve ever heard. Get ahead by being awesome, kind and working hard.”

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