Britney Spears HATES Her Dad: He’s Why I Hardly See My Sons!

Recently, Britney’s horrible father Jamie Spears went on a media blitz trying to gain control of the story and end the #FreeBritney movement.

Now, sources close to Britney are shooting down his claims as absurd and hurtful. Jamie has destroyed her family.

Jamie’s attempt to counter the #FreeBritney narrative may be backfiring on him.

He recently insisted that Britney’s court-appointed attorney is trying to sabotage his father-daughter relationship for dubious reasons.

Specifically, he alleged that he and Britney were on good terms as recently as August 2020.

An inside source familiar with the situation is speaking to Us Weekly and say that, actually, that’s not the truth.

“For Jamie to say that he and Britney were on ‘good terms’ until August is outrageous,” the insider retorts.

“August 2019 maybe,” the source is almost willing to accept, “but not August 2020.”

Now, there are a lot of reasons for Britney to resent her father.

Among them, and at the forefront of most people’s minds, there is the conservatorship that allows him to micromanage every aspect of her life. It has already lasted 12 years.

However, there is something much more personal than Britney’s career, finances, or personal freedoms that has her so unhappy.

“[Jamie] is the reason she has far less custodial time with her sons than she did before,” the insider explains.

“The incident with Jamie and Preston changed everything,” the source points out.

“It was a major blow for Britney,” the insider says. “She, Kevin, Preston, and Jayden have all seen Jamie differently ever since.”

What incident?

That would be the 2019 incident when, reportedly, Britney’s son Sean Preston got into an argument with his grandfather.

When Sean went into another room and locked it to put some distance from his grandfather, Jamie allegedly “broke into the room and shook” him.

Allegations of assault on a minor are extremely serious … morally.

Our judicial system is a sick joke in terms of how poor of a job it does of protecting or prioritizing the safety of children. Sadly, no charges were filed against Jamie.

However, Sean Preston and Jayden James are lucky enough to have two parents who care about their safety more than anything else.

Immediately, Britney and Kevin reached and formalized a new custody agreement, limiting Jamie’s access.

This new agreement meant that they would spend 70% of their time with Kevin Federline and only 30% of their time with Britney for the time being, instead of the former 50/50 split.

That was just a small first step, of course.

Kevin was able to acquire a restraining order to protect both of his sons from their maternal grandfather.

The restraining order, granted in September 2019, forbids Jamie from being around them for three years. There are just under two years remaining in the order.

Fans hope that, given Jamie’s age and poor health, the restraining order will protect both sons for the rest of their grandfather’s life.

Jamie, of course, claimed recently that he and Britney were on good terms until her court-appointed attorney began to interfere.

That was always hard to believe. Britney’s supreme talent as a singer and performer is eclipsed only by her love and affection for her sons.

She is a dedicated mother, but she and Kevin are understandably leery of giving Jamie any access to their sons because they cannot guarantee their safety. As always, Jamie is the villain of this story.

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