BTS Dominates iTunes Singles Chart in The US With ‘Dynamite’ Remixes!

BTS are taking over the iTunes charts with their new single “Dynamite“!

The K-pop group dropped their brand new, all-English tune last Friday (August 21) and now have four different versions of the song.

You can now get the original version of “Dynamite,” as well as instrumental, acoustic and EDM versions. At the time of this post, all four versions are currently the top four songs on the iTunes single chart in the United States.

“While the minimal acoustic track puts at the very forefront the members’ vocals, the EDM is a rearrangement of the original song that maximizes the upbeat and fun vibes,” Big Hit Entertainment said in a statement about the remixes..

BTS is also taking a fifth spot in the top 10 with their song “ON” from Map of the Soul: 7!

In addition, “Dynamite” is also the number one music video in the US. The music video even set a huge record on YouTube.

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