Cardi B Feuding With Entertainment Site for Allegedly Shadow-Banning Her

In a long back-and-forth on Twitter, the ‘WAP’ hitmaker accuses The Shade Room of only posting negative contents about her and blocking her from commenting on their page.

AceShowbiz -It’s Cardi B vs. entertain news blog round 2. After winning a million-dollar defamation lawsuit against YouTuber Latasha Kebe a.k.a. Tasha K, the rapper is now involved in a heated feud with The Shade Room.

It all started on Sunday, July 10 after Cardi seemingly accused the entertainment site of only posting negative things about her. Hitting back at her claims, the site pointed out on its Twitter page several positive posts they shared about Cardi.

Cardi then posted audio clips of her addressing her issue with TSR. “Clearly you guys have me muted from commenting on your page,” she said in one of the clips, claiming that the site posted negative contents about her so people could drag her. “Take it easy on me, bro,” she begged, adding that she’s open to a private conversation with the site, “but clearly you guys are ignoring me.”

She later cited TSR’s post about her performance at the Wireless Festival, where she seemed to get into a scuffle with fans, which the star has denied. “Or maybe this weekend with the performances but quick to post me getting into a dark scuffle,” she wrote. “At this poking I’m tired of being gaslighted or seem like I’m emotional but I guess.”

TSR then defended themselves, “We show @iamcardib tons of love but because we couldn’t get permission for some of the positive wireless fest videos she gets to lie and say ‘only negative.’ ” To this, Cardi responded, “Wait how can u say that ,when have you ever ask me to ever post anything about me ?& if that’s true you got my publicist # why not ask her s**t why not ask me on Dm? Like this arguments are so stupid!The gaslighting it’s insane.”

TSR went on insisting, “You were not blocked from commenting. Please stop the LIES.” They went on accusing Cardi of lying about not asking the site to post about her family. She then claimed that she had “receipts” of their conversation.

But when TSR challenged Cardi to release the record of their conversation, she refused, prompting TSR to threaten to take legal action. “Send me lawyer papers so I can post ….baby I’m not dumb !” she responded. “Why can you just admit you shadowbanned me from commenting? Why you dancing around it …I’m the one posting everything.”

TSR further taunted her, “You aren’t going to post the recorded convo. The recording would prove that you did in fact ask us why we aren’t posting positive family content for you, as well as other things I know you don’t want out in public. So let’s end this. We will continue to show love as always.”

“I’m not deflecting I’m just no dumb …The twitter account is asking to post it not the actual person I had the conversation with .The person I had the convo wit have to give authority that’s why they trying to bait me to post it so they can put me in some legal bulls**t,” the “Bodak Yellow” emcee reasoned.

TSR was willing to call a truce, but Cardi stood by her claims. “I gave multiple receipts today and yet y’all have posted none,now y’all LYING to the public again making it seem like the convo was about other people when the convo was about this SAME S**T YALL DOING NOW!SEND THEM PAPERS AND MAKE SURE THEY FROM THE PERSON I HAD THE CONVO WITH!” she clapped back.

The site then described their alleged conversation, “It was about 10 minutes long. It was a 3-way call (a mutual friend called me and dialed her in). If she posts an edited version I’ll post the one I have in response. She’s doing it to herself. I was willing to let it go.”

However, Cardi begged to differ, “No you wasn’t willing to let it go ..In fact that’s the reason why you kept doing shady s**t to the point I had to call y’all out publicly,from restriction from commenting to ignoring Dm.There’s nothing to edit post the call since u have it YOU KEEP BACK PEDDLING.”

Cardi then proposed to the site’s owner to settle the matter like “adults.” She tweeted again, “You know what, let’s handle this like adults. Angie let’s get on the phone @TheShadeRoom,” but TSR has yet to respond.

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