Cardi B's Camp Is DENYING This Particular Offset Rumor!

There have been plenty of rumors flying around since Cardi B’s surprise divorce filing — but sources close to the rapper are setting the record straight on one particularly nasty one.

It’s pretty much a given at this point that the reason behind Cardi’s breakup with Offset was his serial cheating. So far, no one has denied the infidelity — in fact, some sources have confirmed that the Migos artist failed to kick that habit in their three-year marriage. However, Cardi’s inner circle has shut down one particular rumor: that Offset got another woman pregnant.

The 28-year-old does have four children with four different women, so it’s not totally unreasonable to think to think he tends to have trouble staying safe, so to speak. But in this case, a source close to Cardi told Page Six there’s no truth to any speculation about baby #5. They responded:

“There is no other child. No baby is on the way. That rumor is super false. Cardi is thinking of her child and wants everything to be amicable. She’s evolved over the years and continues to.”

We do believe Cardi has experienced a lot of growth since she shot to stardom. She’s still as fun and raunchy as ever, but she’s also become a leader in the music industry and as a political voice. Motherhood probably had a lot to do with that — and a lot to do with how she’s approached this divorce.

The insider confirmed that the Grammy winner went out of her way to make the process amicable, saying:

“She went back to have the petition amended because she wasn’t aware that it read ‘primary custody.’ She wants them both to have custody and to co-parent. She’s not requesting spousal support or child support. She wants everything to be super amicable.”

Apparently Offset hasn’t yet filed a response to the divorce filing, but hopefully the process will be smooth and simple for the sake of their daughter Kulture. And while the Clout rapper may not have responded legally yet, he seemed to allude to the split in an Instagram post on Thursday. He posted a picture of himself with the caption “Set 2.0,” suggesting the beginning of a new chapter.

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Set 2.0

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Meanwhile, Cardi has been getting support from friends: on Tuesday, she posted a video to her IG story of a bouquet of flowers she received from Lizzo. The accompanying card read:

“Flowers for a flower! Congrats on all your success this summer – know you are loved and are love. P.S. – I’m sending you something good this week. Love, Lizzo!”

So sweet!

Divorce is never easy, but so far this one seems like it could be relatively drama-free. We hope it stays that way for the whole family!

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