Chris Stark talks ‘strangest experience’ with Prince William and Kate during break on show

Kate Middleton and Prince William talk to Chris Stark in 2017

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Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, BBC Radio One presenter Chris Stark, 34, said Kate Middleton, 39, was intrigued to know more about the station’s famous Innuendo Bingo game. The game involved two people filling their mouths with water and facing each other to see who could last the longest without someone bursting into laughter.

Chris, who is supporting Babybel’s For All Fans campaign, said he was surprised to see Prince William, 38, explaining the details to his wife.

He revealed: “He came on the show and he was talking about how he used to listen to Radio One.

“One of the strangest experiences was watching him explain to Kate what Innuendo bingo was.

“That’s when I knew he was a proper listener!

“And when I heard him explaining to Kate, essentially explaining that what I do is just spit water over people, that was a realisation for me about what a ridiculous job I had.”

The broadcaster also expressed his regret over the outfit he chose to wear when he first met the Royal.

Alongside Peter Crouch, the father-of-one interviewed Prince William back in March 2020 for the former’s podcast.

Chris said he was told he was meeting the Royal for beers and a laidback chat, so decided to sport casual attire consisting of a T-shirt, a coat, black trousers and smart shoes.

After the recording, the presenter said he received a letter from the Duke of Cambridge, who mentioned his outfit.

He added: “He did make a little dig about what I was wearing, which I do have regrets about now actually.

“I do wonder, what the hell was I thinking? I was in a T-shirt and a coat.

“I actually thought I looked smarter than I was.

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“I did turn up and noticed the other guys were in proper shirts, I misjudged it.”

Chris also spilled on his experience being in the same room as the Queen.

He added: “I did the classic thing of staring and not really knowing what to say.

“That was very special. I desperately tried to get a photo in the same frame as her, you know the classic.”

Chris is supporting Babybel’s #ForAllFans campaign, to give people the chance to give back to their local grassroots team.

According to Motor Research, almost a third of football fans believe they could have been “good enough” to play for their nation, however the average supporter has only ever done 13 kick-ups.

He said of his involvement: “As much as I’ve always loved football, I’ve sadly never been good enough to get to professional level. That doesn’t stop me trying though, and I do consider myself to have some better than average skills when it comes to fancy footwork.

“What I love about the Babybel #ForAllFans campaign is that everyone can get involved – if I can upload and share a skill, so can you. It gives ‘average’ people, like me, the opportunity to give something back to a local sports team, and how often do we get to do that?”

Head over to Babybel.co.uk/forallfans for more information.

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