Dan Osborne’s face covered in nasty red scratches caused by two-year-old Mia

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Dan Osbourne has shared a video of sore looking scratches on his face he was given by his daughter Mia.

Sharing a close up video of his face on his Instagram stories, Dan wrote: “Why does Misa love to scratch my face so much?! Only does it to me…” The star then zoomed in on the scratches on his cheeks and forehead. He added: “Yes I need a shave…”

Dan, 29, shares two year old Mia with wife Jacqueline Jossa. The couple also share six year old Ella and Dan is dad to son Teddy from a previous relationship.

The former TOWIE star has previously opened up about dealing with his youngest daughter’s “terrible twos.” In March, Dan shared a video of Mia slapping him in the face.

At the time, Dan said: “What is wrong with you? I've got this on video. You're going to see it back and you are going to say sorry."

He continued: “Jesus Christ baby. That's not good. That hurt,” before adding, “I’m getting knocked out.”

Captioning the video, Dan wrote: “How can someone so cute then turn to this. Terrible 2’s in full swing.”

The star then blasted comments about his parenting style. He said: “I've already had a couple of people jump on it. 'Why are you letting your daughter do that? What if she did that to another kid.

"No my kids play fight with their dad, they hit their dad and I take a smack.

"So what? That's what dads are for."

He added: "They just hit their dad. So calm down. They are not hitting you, are they?"

"They know not to do it to other kids. We are not even around any other kids."

Dan and Jacqueline have been busy doing up their new £1.2 million Essex mansion recently, and this week Dan shared his huge room dedicated to Lego.

Showing his 1.1 million Instagram followers around the space, Dan highlighted the white tables spanning the space, and boxes of Lego could be seen sitting atop them.

Dan told his fans that a company named Finewood Property had created the snazzy new space for the Lego fanatic, which is complete with Lego handles, in bold colours, on the drawers.

Dan’s lego room features shelves galore, likely for him to position his finished Lego creations on, and the large tables give the reality star the space he needs to get to work.

The star clearly has a very impressive collection too, as he showed fans a large array of Lego boxes scattered on top of the surfaces, from Star Wars to cars.

And this isn’t Dan’s first rodeo when it comes to Lego rooms – in his previous home the star had an incredible space for his Lego , complete with many impressive builds, such as a Hogwarts castle, a Disney castle, a roller coaster and a whole street made-up of shops.

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