Dance Moms’ Nia Sioux Reacts to Kalani Hilliker’s Statement About Respect

Nia Sioux is directly responding to Kalani Hilliker.

The 19-year-old dancer and singer reposted Kalani‘s Instagram story and added her own response.

“I definitely think everyone needs to respect each other but it’s so hard to respect a president who doesn’t respect me, or women, or minorities, or the LGBTQ community,” Nia said.

“I’m all for respecting people but at a certain point when someone can’t even denounce white supremacy how can you have respect for that person?” she added.

“American Hasn’t been great and it’s not going to be great until we have people in office that care about people other than themselves,” said another response on her post.

If you missed it, fans rallied to support Maddie Ziegler, Nia, and Chloe Lukasiak after Kalani shared her endorsement for Trump.

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