Deavan Clegg: Jihoon Endangered My Whole Family TWICE!!

Deavan Clegg has had a whirlwind of a year — even more so than most of us in 2020.

She had to flee Korea for the US with her kids during the pandemic.

Deavan ended her marriage, was bombarded with vicious threats towards her and her daughter, and ended her 90 Day Fiance career.

Her daughter, Drascilla, developed a mysterious medical condition that turned out to be Bell's palsy.

Deavan also found a new boyfriend, but received hate and threats for that, too.

Now, she is opening up to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates in a lengthy interview on his YouTube channel.

(Yes, it's 70 minutes, but it's really worth checking out if you have the time — Yates is the best at this kind of talk)

The interview includes details about Jihoon, behind-the-scenes details from filming the show, her new boyfriend, her kids, and more.

1.Deavan did a new interview

2.On her split from Jihoon

3.As for visitation

4.And he's … given a random fan Deavan's address?

5.It's scary!

6.Remember …

7.About Topher Park

8.She has a lot of nice things to say about him

9.How and when did they meet?

10.About that confusing, polarizing episode where Drascilla darted off

11.Deavan once again explains what happened

12.Producers had them record what they said at the time

13.Speaking of Drascilla

14.Production's job is to make things interesting

15.About Drascilla's Bell's palsy diagnosis

16.Drascilla still can't fully close one eye

17.The goofy translator was the show's fault

18.Things got pretty bad

19.She blames herself for a lot

20.As for her reality career …

21.But …

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