Drake Leaks Kanye Song Ft. Andre 3000 Taking Shots at Him, Folks Love It

Drake appears to have leaked an unreleased Kanye West “Donda” track that didn’t make the cut, which actually takes shots at the former … a bizarre move that seems to have backfired.

Drizzy was guest hosting a session of Sound 42 on Sirius XM early Saturday morning — which plays a ton of OVO-affiliated tunes … and which Drake announced he’d be hopping on around 2 AM to mix in a few of his own selected tracks for listeners. He wasn’t shy about it.

Sure enough, he did it … but folks noticed that during his time, Drake actually dropped a Ye song that hadn’t been heard before — and which sounded like it was a missing ‘Donda’ cut.

It’s called ‘Life of the Party,’ and it features Andre 3000 — who raps about his own late mother over a melancholy soul beat, killing his verse and kinda the whole song in the process. People are saying it’s the best ‘Donda’ song … wondering why it wasn’t included.

Meanwhile, Kanye jumps on after for a couple verses, and takes some direct shots at Drake.

KW raps, “I put Virgil and Drake on the same text // And it wasn’t about the matching Arc’teryx or Kid Cudi dress // Just told these grown men stop with the funny s***.”

He goes on to name drop Drake again in the same verse, saying he told him to stop playing with him — and then saying Drake “sent that message to everybody.” It’s unclear what exactly Ye’s talking about — he might be alluding the group text he sent, but that was Kanye who sent that warning shot … not Drake. In any case, just more fuel to the fire for their beef.

It also seems like Kanye might be having problems with Cudi too — because he name-dropped him as well … and suggested that Drake and KC wear matching dresses. Funny enough Cudi is featured on both of these guys’ albums — just like Jay-Z and other rappers.

There’s more that Kanye touches on in his part of the song — including avoiding the over-sexualization of children in his household (an issue that’s been addressed with North before) … and he even makes a “red hat” mention toward the end. This onion’s got unlimited layers.

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