Elton John Concert Beating 'Victims' Were the Aggressors, Arrested Man Claims

The man who was arrested for brutally beating 2 people after an Elton John concert at Dodger Stadium last weekend has a VERY different story of what went down, and he says the alleged victims are really the villains.

Attorney Glen T. Jonas, who represents the man who was arrested, tells TMZ, “The so-called ‘victims’ drove their SUV in a restricted area, hitting my client with the SUV mirror.”

Jonas says his client — the man in the blue T-shirt in the video — didn’t incite the husband and wife in the SUV. He says they got out of their vehicle and began screaming profanities, accusing his client and others of hitting their mirror.

elton john attackers

Jonas says they then attacked his client and 2 women, adding, “The driver used a wrestling move, grabbed the woman by both legs and lifted her up, causing her head to smack the concrete.” He says while this was going on, the wife choked and pulled the hair of the other woman.

The attorney says his client came to the aid of the woman whose head was smashed into the concrete. Jonas says the video only shows the end of the altercation when his client repeatedly punched the man.

Jonas’ take is this … “An initial aggressor that loses a fight is not a victim, he’s just a bully that earned his karma.”

Jonas does not want to ID his client, because of the heat he’s taking on social media.

So far, only one of the involved parties has been arrested for vandalism.

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