Eva Longoria flaunts figure and flashes legs in see-through dress

Eva Longoria dazzled her fans with her sparkling bejewelled dress

Eva Longoria seemed to be starting 2023 the way that she intended to continue – by making a sparkly statement. Her dress was praised as one of the most memorable celebrity outfits of New Year. 

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Eva Longoria, 47 – the celebrated American actress who is bosom buddies with Victoria Beckham, 48 – showed off her youthful complexion as she sipped champagne after the sunset on the final day of 2022.

The Desperate Housewives star opted for the natural look by choosing a sheer dress embellished with nothing more than gems, plus clear Perspex heels.

The only totally opaque item of clothing in the photo was the chic black blazer slung on the chair behind Eva.

“Goodbye 2022…..hello 2023! Let’s do this!!!” she captioned her photo, which was liked by almost 150,000 people.

Esteemed fashion photographer Nicolas Gerardin looked keen to snap her in more outfits, quipping that he couldn’t wait for them to “do magic” together, while Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger responded with a cry of: “Happy New Year, sis!”

Eva Longoria opted for classic chic the morning after

One of Eva Longoria’s New Year resolutions is to spend more time cooking

Eva Longoria has been in Spain over much of the festive season

Eva Longoria has been promoting her new tequila brand, Casa del Sol, while in Spain – a company intended to honour the women of Mexico, where the spirit was first invented. While the actress was born in Texas, Eva has Latin ancestry, which made the promotion of the drink even more special for her.

Eva Longoria has been living it up in Marbella

José Bastón have been travelling to and from Marbella on numerous occasions this year – but the festive season, which they shared there together with their four-year-old son Santiago, was reportedly extra-special.

Last month, Eva Longoria also visited Paris

Eva Longoria posted herself in a chic outfit while visiting the fashion capital of Europe on a short break. Clad in all black with a very eye catching clutch purse, she captioned her photo with the old adage: “Paris is always a good idea.”

Naturally, Eva Longoria didn’t let the season end without a catch-up with close pal Victoria Beckham

Jokingly labelling themselves “two desperate housewives” in an ode to the show Eva Longoria had a starring role in, she and Victoria made a toast while sitting at the table together in their dressing gowns. The pair have been bosom buddies for more than 15 years, after connecting when David Beckham was posted to the US to play with the LA-based football club Galaxy.

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