Faye Dunaway Fired From Broadway Play For Alleged Slap

Faye Dunaway has reportedly been canned from a Broadway-bound play after she allegedly was responsible for creating a “dangerous” and “hostile” atmosphere behind the scenes. 

Sources claimed to The New York Post that the legendary actress became such an enraged diva that she left members of the Tea of Five play’s production team fearing for their own safety. 

“The July 10 performance was canceled moments before curtain because Dunaway slapped and threw things at crew members who were trying to put on her wig,” the Post reported, citing a source. “Enraged at the cancellation, Dunaway began ‘verbally abusing’ the crew. They were ‘fearful for their safety.’”

The newspaper also claimed Dunaway, 78, often arrived hours late to rehearsals, was unable to memorize her lines, once tossed a salad someone brought her to the floor because she was intent on watching her weight and launched mirrors and other objects at theater staff.

“The producer knew they had to fire her when they had to cancel the July 10 performance because she physically and verbally abused several production members,” the New York Post claimed.

Dunaway, who was starring as Katherine Hepburn in the one-woman show, did not respond to the publication’s request for comment. 

However, Tea of Five producers confirmed in a statement that they “terminated their relationship” with Dunaway and that the play would be recast.

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