‘Floribama Shore’ star Nilsa Prowant arrested for allegedly flashing crowd

It almost seems like the plot for a reality show.

Nilsa Prowant, a 25-year-old cast member of MTV’s “Floribama Shore,” was arrested early Saturday morning in St. Petersburg, Fla., according to a report.

The charges were disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs, TMZ reported.

Prowant allegedly got drunk and flashed her breasts to a crowd below the balcony where she was partying. The witnesses include some police officers, the report said.

According to TMZ, police told Prowant to leave the area, but when she climbed into a friend’s car she allegedly kicked out a window, prompting the disorderly conduct charge. That’s when police tacked on the exposure charge as well, the report said.

Bail was set at $400 and Prowant left jail a short time later, according to the report.

“Floribama Shore” premiered in 2017. It is similar to the old show “Jersey Shore,” featuring the exploits of a group of young adults as they share a summer residence. The third season is scheduled to air this fall.

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