Gemma Atkinson reveals she has gained 15kg during her pregnancy as she praises all expectant mothers as ‘warriors’ – as due date nears

Gemma Atkinson, 34, is expecting her first baby with boyfriend, Strictly Come Dancing star, Gorka Marquez, 28, in a matter of weeks.

As her due date looms, Gemma revealed that she couldn’t be prouder of her body for growing a tiny human, and she urged other expectant mothers to feel the same way and enjoy the special time.

On Instagram, Gemma shared a side-by-side shot of herself of now and before she fell pregnant, while wearing gym gear.

The former Emmerdale star captioned the pictures: “70kg vs 85kg. Softer arms, puffier face, bigger ass and thighs, bigger belly, uterus, placenta water retention, huge rise in estrogen meaning more cellulite and lets be honest, my boobs are like the Mitchell brothers.

“ALL of the above means my body is working to grow my baby and I couldn’t be more proud of it.

“Lots of you have DM me telling me you’re pregnant & struggling with the changes in your body. Admittedly, it is hard at first especially if like me, you were / are a gym bunny.

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"However, if you change your way of thinking and realise firstly pregnancy is a beautiful privilege denied to many woman so be grateful you have this opportunity things start to become easier.

"Secondly, from the minute you are carrying your baby (for me anyway) EVERYTHING became about my baby. Not my appearance.

"I wanted / still want them to be as strong and as healthy as possible. So if that means for the time being me as the “carrier” gains weight then so what?! I can lose it in time.

"Yes I’ve continued my training but to nowhere near the extent I was and I’ve most certainly ate more than usual too.

"On the odd day I’ve felt fed up at not being able to run or lift heavy or have a good sweat on after training I’ve reminded myself that it’s temporary and that my baby is growing well and that fed up feeling disappears in seconds.

"If you really want to do all that stuff again after a baby, you will. You won’t find time as you’ll be exhausted, YOU have to MAKE TIME.

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"Even by just starting on clean foods again for a few months before exercising again. Whatever you know works best for you, you can do it. Small steps make a big difference.

"Me being pregnant is the reason I look so different to how I “normally look” Me being a mum WONT be the reason I don’t get back to it and feeling as good again. Don’t let it be yours either!

"Woman are incredibly strong, the last 9 months I’ve learnt that even more so. We got this. So to the ladies currently struggling with the changes soldier on. It’ll all be worth it with little man or little lady arrives knowing their mum is a total warrior woman.” [sic]

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