Gemma Atkinson says she ‘has a long way to go’ as she shows off impressive post-baby fitness progress

Former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson has revealed the incredible results of her post-baby fitness journey less than four months after giving birth to daughter Mia.

The 34 year old TV star posted two videos of her post-baby body on her Instagram page, one when she was two weeks postpartum and another at 16 weeks postpartum.

Writing in the caption, Gemma, who is dating Strictly Come Dancing’s Gorka Marquez, Gemma explained her journey to get healthy for her daughter Mia.

Gemma, who refers to her personal trainer as Evil Steve, explained: “Remember my post about me ditching my scales? Well, above is a reason why. Now I’m doing another 12wk transformation I have to have my measurements done every two weeks so Evil Steve has an indication of my progress & any changes he needs to make.”

Speaking about her weight loss, she said: “On Friday I was 71.1kg. That’s lighter than before I was pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant I was 72kg and at my heaviest I was 89kg.

“So I’ve lost almost 42lbs since having Mia. However, the weight I’ve lost is both muscle and fat.

“My weight loss goal is to preserve as much muscle as possible, ideally even gain some while at the same time lose as much body fat as possible.”

Gemma then added that she still “has a long way to go” when it comes to achieving her fitness goal.

She said: “Despite looking “snapped back” in the above video I still have a long way to go when it comes to feeling my best and being at my fittest again.

“I want to concentrate on smashing my PB’s again! I used to deadlift 90kg, I’m currently on 20kg.

“I used to be able to do 3 pull ups (which was a big deal for me!) At present, I can’t even do 1. I used to load up the prowler with weights AND Evil Steve (who’s a big unit) and pull it across the gym, I’ve not even attempted the prowler with no weights yet.”

She continued: “There’s a big difference in looking the part to actually being or doing the part.

“My muscle mass has decreased because at 6 months pregnant I stopped weight training, my cardiovascular fitness isn’t what it was because I stopped HIIT while pregnant and my body fat increased because I had a beautiful baby. I started light cardio at 10wks pp and light weight training at 13wk pp.”

Explaining why she is making slow progress to achieve her goals, she said: “ I’ve taken my time & allowed / am still allowing my body to heal. I’m excited for the next 12wks of training and having the goal to regain my strength & muscle mass whilst keeping my body fat low.”

She then ended her caption with: “What’s the point in looking ok but not feeling ok? To me, the two go hand in hand and with little Mia depending on me, my health is more important than ever.” [sic]

The new mum’s post received more than 42,000 likes from her 1.2million followers, with people calling her an “inspiration”.

One commented: “You look amazing! What food do you eat? Is it high protein ?”

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While another said: “she is definitely an inspiration, I'm a mum of four and looking at her makes me feel its possible to get where you want to be.”

And a third added: “Hi Gemma you are such an inspiration and well done you for sharing your journey”. [sic]

Gemma has been praised a number of times for being honest with fans about her post-baby body and her new fitness journey.

Shortly after she gave birth in August, Gemma was applauded for showing off her “new curves” and urging fellow mums not to feel the pressure to “snap back”.

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