Gene Simmons spits his gum into Susanna Reids hand live on Good Morning Britain

Gene Simmons spat out his chewing gum into the hand of Susanna Reid live on Good Morning Britain. The Kiss singer, 73, pulled the stunt on the ITV breakfast show as he discussed how he once sold his used gum for $245,000 (almost £200,000) at a charity auction.

As the cameras returned to the studio following a live link withAndi Peters, Susanna said: “Gene Simmons is here and chewing gum. And he has just pointed out that some of his chewed gum has been auctioned off for a ridiculous amount of money.”

The American rockstar replied: “It's not ridiculous. I'm kind of a big deal.”

Susanna then offered her hand to the rockstar, who took the gum from his mouth and placed it on her palm. Co-host Ben Shephard said: “She’s going to sell it, there's 100s of thousands of dollars worth of chewing gum in your hand there.”

Susanna added: “And quite a lot of bacteria no doubt!”

Gene, famed for his giant tongue, went on to explain how the charity gum sale came about after an appearance on Sky TV show Soccer AM. In 2013, the rockstar was asked to show off some of his signature tongue tricks during the programme, so he popped out his gum and stuck it on to the host’s script.

He said: “Moms and dads, you may want to hide your children, because I will show you why they call me the king,” before jokingly saying to put the gum on eBay.

But the show’s producers acted on Gene’s suggestion and put the gum up for sale on the online auction site, where 100 fans bid for it. The winning bidder paid $245,000 for the gum, with the proceeds going to the Street League charity, an organisation that helps kids through the power of football.

In a statement released at the time, Gene said: "It's an honour to know that a piece of my chewed gum resulted in a $245,602 donation to benefit young people. Sometimes little things can have big results."

His GMB appearance came after he stunned MPs by turning up at the House of Commons on Wednesday for Deputy Prime Minister's Questions. Gene watched Oliver Dowden take on Angela Rayner, with PM Rishi Sunak in the United States visiting Joe Biden.

Gene, dressed in leather trousers and shade, branded the entertainment 'insane' after leaving the chamber. And he posed for a number of selfies with MPs as he toured the building.

The star told the PA news agency: “What I just saw in there was controlled chaos. It was the clash of wills but respectful – the right honourable so and so, it was fascinating.

“In America, it's like the middle finger is a salute. I think Americans can take a big lesson in civility in how to make democracy actually work and still respect the other side.”


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