Harry wants to hide from Meghan and Kates baby brain drama, says body language expert

A body language expert has claimed Prince Harry was hoping to avoid the conversation about the Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle drama during his first solo interview.

The Duke of Sussex made shocking revelations about his life and family in a tell-all interview with ITV journalist Tom Bradby on Sunday 8 January.

Prince Harry spoke with Tom exclusively in a 90-minute sit-down interview ahead of the launch of his memoir Spare, which hits shelves on Tuesday.

The book will go into more detail about his relationships with his brother William, his sister-in-law Kate, both 40, and his father, King Charles, 74.

It will also talk about never-heard-before details of his mother Princess Diana's death.

But despite him willingly being so open about details that others may not want to share, body language expert Judi James thinks there could be some things he would rather not have spoken about.

During the interview on ITVX, Tom Bradby narrates: "At one stage, Harry recounts a clear-the-air meeting involving him, William, Kate and Meghan.

“It seems to have gone so badly wrong that he describes Kate as gripping the edges of the leather chair so tightly that her fingers were white.

“Kate says she’s owed an apology from Meghan who previously put a moment of Kate’s forgetfulness down to a so-called baby brain.

“According to Harry, Kate tells Meghan that they’re not close enough to talk that way and William says, ‘That’s not what’s done here in Britain.’

“The meeting ends awkwardly, with hugs of sorts.”

Watching how the Duke of Sussex responds when answering questions about that moment, she said he would rather "hide", telling The Sun: "It is when Meghan comes along in this narrative that his body bristles as he seems to ready himself for a more indignant state.

“When the bridesmaid story comes up he kneads his hands in a gesture of anxiety and despite what seem to be the pettiness of the story it is the moment Harry is at his most indignant."

“Harry stretches his legs at this point, shoving both hands between his thighs in a self-protective ritual that suggests a desire to hide," Judi added.

She also said there was a lot of telling signs Harry may have been uncomfortable with some other topics that were raised in the bombshell interview with his long-term friend Tom Bradby.

The expert said that when he was questioned about the situation around his heard he stretched his legs and shoved both hands into his thighs which is a so-called classic sign of self-protection.


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