Hugh Jackman Rumored To Have Gifted R.M. Williams Employees With Christmas Bonuses

Hugh Jackman has made a lot of R.M. Williams employees happy after reportedly gifting them with a big Christmas bonus this year.

According to the Courier Mail, via Daily Mail, the 52-year-old actor is the anonymous shareholder that sent $1,300 to each of the company’s 900 employees. That totals $1.2 million.

While the company has not named Hugh as the secret Santa, it did make a statement that “a former R.M. Williams shareholder has provided staff with a cash gift.”

Hugh sold his shares in R.M. Williams in October, which would make him a former shareholder.

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Earlier this year, Hugh stripped down to almost nothing but a pair of R.M. Williams boots in a new commercial to promote the brand, and announce that he was the company’s first ever ambassador.

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