Im massive! Nick Knowles, 59, piled on four stone eating all the pies in lockdown

Nick Knowles hosts ‘Historyonics’ on BBC

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The 59-year-old, who now weighs 18 stone, admitted that in the midst of the pandemic, he gave up his fitness activities and began eating “all the pies”. While speaking to The Mirror, Nick Knowles described himself as “massive”, sharing that the weight gain started when he stopped working out and instead utilised his free time writing, baking bread and eating.

“I’ve made a living by looking like a bag of spanners on TV. I’m 18 stone, I’m massive,” the DIY SOS star said.

“I’m always on building sites. During lockdown I put on almost four stone. I’ve taken two stone off now and I’m getting fit again.”

While his sudden weight gain didn’t bother him at first, Nick was harshly criticised after his appearance during the DIY SOS Children in Need Special last November.

He sported a wetsuit which notably showed off his fuller figure.

And of course, it wasn’t long before fans would take to social media, with many trolling the father of four for allowing the lockdown to have gotten the best of him.

Nick had previously addressed his weight gain with BBC’s Morning Live, where he spoke of the cruel comments online.

“I couldn’t do any training, I was doing a lot of writing, a lot of banana bread and I grew a big beard and stayed in and I wrote a lot,” he shared.

“So when I came to do the shoot I thought, ‘I’ll tidy myself up’ and then actually no because so many people, not everybody, did the Joe Wicks thing, not everyone spends half their life in the gym. 

“There was a combination of what an amazing job and also who ate all the pies? Well I did,” he continued.

“You do whatever you have to do to get through lockdown.”

Nick has since taken to his official Twitter account and encouraged people to focus on helping those in need during such difficult times instead of making fun of the weight he’s gained.

In November 2020, he had also tweeted: “Yes we are not actors. Yes I’m large after lockdown. Yes my hair is a mess. I don’t care. It’s @DIYSOS !!!! Concentrate on the story.”


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Nonetheless, Nick is determined to get back in shape, starting with regularly exercising and staying away from the banana bread and pies.

Meanwhile, the Middlesex native found himself in hot water earlier this year after starring in a Shreddies advert, which sources claimed had breached his contract with BBC.

The 30-second ad had accumulated over two million views online and was regularly shown on telly after first airing back in February. 

Nick was  in “absolute torment” at the thought of losing his TV presenting gig, which he has fronted for a whopping 21 years.

After discussions with producers, he was reportedly urged to get the commercial pulled or ultimately quit DIY SOS.

By good fortune, however, executive producers agreed to keep him on board, with filming having already commenced for the upcoming series.

The upcoming Children In Need special, DIY: SOS Big Build, which airs Tuesday on BBC One, will be presented by comedian Rhod Gilbert.

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