James Martin swipes at Piers Morgan ‘You have to pick your fights’ in Charlotte interview

James Martin discusses Piers Morgan with Charlotte Hawkins

James Martin, 48, took a thinly veiled swipe at fellow TV presenter Piers Morgan, 55, on his hit cooking show Saturday Morning. Speaking to Good Morning Britain host Charlotte Hawkins, 45, today, the British chef quizzed her on what it was like working with the outspoken TV presenter.

You must have to pick your fights quite wisely

James Martin

James said: “I want to talk to you about Mr Morgan, Mr Piers Morgan.”

Charlotte laughed and said: “He does come up from time to time.”

The cook continued: “I mean, [he’s] a feisty character, you must have to pick your fights quite wisely doing that.

“You know, when you’ve got an opinion on a certain new story and you just think, ‘Do I say something or don’t I say something?’

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Piers’ fellow GMB presenter confessed what it was really like working with the TV legend.

“I think the thing is that he’s got really strong opinions on pretty much everything and people always say to me, ‘Why didn’t you say no, or what on earth are you talking about?’

Charlotte continued to explain herself: “But I say, you can’t, you can’t kind of go up against him on every single point that you disagree with him on.”

She agreed with the chef that you had to “pick your fights” when confronting the best-selling author.

“You’ve got to pick your moments because he doesn’t like to concede that he’s wrong on something.

“You just got to make sure that if you disagree with him, you’ve got all your facts, because he won’t give in easily.”

But it wasn’t only during his cooking demonstration with Charlotte that the British chef took a swipe at the TV personality.

At the start of the show, James informed his viewers that he would be whipping up a storm in the kitchen for a Good Morning Britain host, but urged his fans not to be put off by who it was.

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He said: “On today’s show I’ll be joined by one of the world’s best bakers and a giant of the restaurant world.

“And together we’ll be serving up plate after plate of delicious food for one of the stars of Good Morning Britain.

“But before you change channels, don’t worry, it’s not Piers Morgan.”

As he walked off screen, he could be heard muttering: “So let’s get cooking. Sorry Piers, sorry. Sorry about that.”

His swipe at the outspoken personality comes just days after he issued an apology to his fans and gave a rare insight into his home life as a chef.

Taking to Instagram, he apologised to his 566,000 followers for his attire.

“Hi there, everybody. Apologies for the appearance by the way,” he remarked.

“It’s gardening day today and I’ve got a lot to do in the vegetable garden to get it ready for the summer.”

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