James Middleton & Alizee Thevenet step out for a Bvlgari gala in London


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Red-carpet events are slowly coming back in some countries, which is why James Middleton and his fiancee stepped out on Friday at the Bvlgari Magnifica Gala. The gala was held at Spencer House in London, and there were a handful of A/B-list attendees, including Josh O’Connor, Iris Law (Jude’s daughter), Sabine Getty and Francesca Hayward. I have no idea if James got paid to attend this event, all I know is that he will sometimes show up at events because he’s being paid. Still, this is Bvlgari, not some C-list awards show in Germany. So maybe the cachet of the Bvlgari branding was enough.

Alizee Thevenet wore a simple Scanlan Theodore dress, one of her favorite labels. She’s very pretty, I think. Not in a glossy, overdone way at all. She has that French “not trying too hard” chic thing happening. Her future sisters-in-law could take note. Anyway, they are still engaged and I would imagine they’re planning their post-pandemic wedding for the English countryside. Maybe James will be married in Bucklebury, like Pippa was. Y’all know Ma Middleton does like to show off her local beauties.

Speaking of Bucklebury and the Middleton family, apparently James and Alizee recently purchased a £1.45 million country home close to Middleton Manor. And reportedly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are looking to purchase or rent a home in the area too. Add to that, poor Terribly Moderately Wealthy James Matthews bought another farm/petting-zoo in Bucklebury for Pippa. So… all of Carole’s dysfunctional children are boomeranging back to Bucklebury. Something is going on, mark my words.

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