Jane McDonald had planned to retire with partner Eddie Rothe

Jane McDonald says she 'doesn't know' what she can and can't say

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Jane McDonald, 59, tragically lost her partner Eddie Rothe in April 2021 to lung cancer. The former Loose Women star admitted in an interview this year that she and Eddie had “got all the plans” to retire together, however, after his death, she desired she is “not going to retire fully anymore”.

We got all the plans that we made, we did them all!

Jane McDonald

As Jane appeared on Loose Women this week to talk about her late partner, in a resurfaced podcast from earlier this year, Jane discussed her retirement plans.

Speaking to Kaye Adams on the How to be 60 podcast, Jane admitted: “I think also when Ed and I made arrangements to retire. We got all the plans that we made, we did them all.

“I probably would have retired this year anyway. I’m not going to retire fully now, I’m still going to do television because I enjoy that.

“But touring is hard, it’s hard work. The only thing I will miss of course is the band and my lovely fans. I can’t do it like I used to.”

Kaye also asked Jane how she is doing now, over a year since her partner’s tragic death.

She admitted: “I’m a lot better than when I was on Loose Women. I can talk about him now.”

Eddie was the drummer for the Sixties band The Searchers and lost his life to lung cancer at just 67.

The singer detailed her journey of grief on Loose Women on Tuesday and how her loved ones have helped her through it.

Jane, who recently moved in with her best friend said: “I’m doing so much better and you realise just how important your family and friends are. I have more good days now than bad days and I relish those now.

“I was very lucky – I’ve always had a very busy life without a partner, so I’ve been able to just carry on and my fans were just incredible. They got me through so much over the tour, so I’m very grateful.”

Asked how she found her first gig since touring, she explained: “I was a mess, but they just got me through it. They really did.

“You can find love in many different ways – it can be a pet, it can be your fans, it can be your family, or your friends…

“When you lose a lot of love – I lost my mum and Ed – and you just think, “I’m never going to fill that hole again” but you do.

“It comes from other places, and that’s why you’ve got to let the light in and that’s what I’m doing.”

Jane also revealed that her niece has paid a heart wrenching tribute to Eddie, by naming her newborn son after him.

Eddie proposed to Jane on Christmas Eve of 2008, after becoming an item earlier that year.

The pair were together briefly years before, splitting in 2002 before rekindling the romance six years later, but never got the chance to tie the knot before his tragic passing.

With Jane’s upcoming 60th birthday, the singer has revealed she will be slowing down her career, as she told ITV viewers: “I’ve just stepped back from touring for a couple of years because it’s hard work.

“Sometimes you’ve got to step back and make space for great things to happen. That’s my motto in life.”

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