Jessie James Decker surprised husband Eric Decker with matching neon swimsuits: ‘I didn’t tell him’

Jessie James Decker is explaining the stories behind some of her most memorable Instagram moments!

The country singer recently stopped by AOL while promoting her partnership with Enfagrow, where she took part in our series, “Explain That ‘Gram,” and shed light on that #RelationshipGoals Instagram she posted with husband, Eric Decker, earlier this year in matching neon bathing suits.

“I made Eric get those shorts,” she told us. “At first he wasn’t going to do it, but my brother was also on the trip and he was like, ‘I’ll buy ’em, too and we’ll twin it out.'”

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“I was going through and I saw that he already had the shorts on, so I was like, ‘I’m going to match,’ and I didn’t tell him and I had [my suit on] underneath my clothes,” she laughed. “When I pulled my clothes off onto the boat he was like, ‘Whatttt?!’ It was fun.”

For more stories behind some of Jessie James Decker’s best Instagrams — including getting real about her post-baby body, getting photobombed by her kids and how “every day is Halloween” for one of her children, watch the video at the top of the page.

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