Johnny Vegas warned by security to calm things down at a gig: Wind your neck in!

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Johnny Vegas, 51, was having a little bit too much fun at a Deacon Blue gig on Sunday, and was asked to “calm things down” by a security guard. The comedian shared a video of him and his pals living their best lives, dancing around the floor in what appeared to be a private area at the side of the crowd near the stage.

When security request that you wind your neck in and calm things down

Johnny Vegas

Taking to Twitter, fans were over the moon to see the 51-year-old having such a good time, and shared their own fun-loving experiences of watching the Scottish pop rock band.

Jumping around, the Carry on Glamping star really did seem to be on top of the world.

But at the end of the video, Johnny could be seen holding his hands up as a sign of an apology.

“When security request that you wind your neck in and calm things down,” he penned alongside the footage.

“Giving Dad dancing a bad name at tonight’s brilliant @deaconbluemusic gig.”

Rushing to the comments section fans applauded him, with one posting: “Good for you. I hope you told security what they could do!”

“TBH you have got better over the years,” a second made a joke about his dancing.

A third egged him on: “Keep it going Johnny!”

While a fourth added: “The pure joy I felt watching this.”

While Johnny was celebrating over the weekend, on Friday he took the time to send a loving message to his friend and comedienne Janey Godley, who revealed she’s battling ovarian cancer.

Janey made a post on the social media platform as she informed her followers she’d been forced to cancel the remaining dates of her stand-up comedy tour after being taken to the hospital.

Janey wrote: “Sorry but my last weekend of the tour can’t go ahead in Edinburgh and Musselburgh as I am in hospital with ovarian cancer – look after each other #MentalHealthMatters.”

Fans and close friends were quick to send their best wishes to the 60-year-old, including Johnny Vegas, who replied with an endearing yet enthusiastic tweet.

“Hey Darlin’, please come through this,” he said.

“As an idiot living in Glasgow all those years back you took me under your wing and you’ve been minding me ever since. I love, love, love ya. Take care my lovely you.”

Writer Tim Walker echoed similar words, writing: “Thank you for being you, Janey. A force for good and light and laugher in a world too often bad and dark and joyless. We are all willing you on.”(sic)

Janey revealed in a separate video on Twitter that she had only learned of her diagnosis a day prior, explaining how several symptoms, including bloating in her stomach, feeling full before eating and having little to “no real energy”. 

She urged any of her fans to get screened if they’ve experienced similar signs.

The stand-up, who says she’s done nothing but “cry and cry and cry”, hopes to find the inner strength in fighting the disease.

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