Joy-Anna Duggar Gives Update On Baby Daughter’s Health

“19 Kids and Counting” alum Joy-Anna Duggar had her fans concerned after she revealed her daughter, Evelyn, whom she shared with husband Austin Forsyth, had a worrisome bump on her head during a March 26 YouTube video. The parents said they were having her analyzed by doctors at the time, and now just two months later, they are happy to report that their little girl is thriving. 

“We have been super busy and there’s a lot [that has] happened in the last couple of months, but I think the last video was Evy’s check-up and we are so, so thankful that she is okay,” Joy-Anna said in her May 21 YouTube video. Sharing some details about her growing baby, who she welcomed in August 2020, she continued, “Anyway life has been busy. It’s been good. There’s been some ups and downs, but we are doing really good overall.”

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