Kim Kardashian Snubs Kanye West: He Doesn’t Make Me Happy!

Despite her somewhat tone deaf complaints about her birthday party being ruined, we wish Kim Kardashian a happy birthday!

But from the looks of things, turning 40 may be going awkwardly for her when it comes to her marriage.

On Tuesday, Kim shared a family photo — from Kanye’s ranch in Wyoming no less.

In the photo, the subjects are all sitting on a fence, likely for the aesthetic rather than to convey some sort of symbolism.

Kendall, Khloe, Penelope, Mason, Kim, Kourtney, Kris, and Corey are all lined up.

Kanye, Kim’s husband, is nowhere to be seen.

Kim captioned the photo: “Happy Place. No Filter.”

For most people who are happily married, their own personal happy place — if it involves anyone at all — includes their spouse or partner(s).

This is not the first apparent snub that Kim has sent towards her husband recently.

As we all know, Kanye is barreling forward with his farcical Presidential run.

Kim has had a lot to say about voting … but is thus far refusing to humor her egomaniacal husband with an endorsement.

“190 Million seriously I love you guys so much!!!” Kim recently gushed to her fans and followers on social media.

“I appreciate you all more than you know!” she raved.

“Please VOTE!” Kim implored her followers. “You have the power to change your future.”

Asking people to vote is generally considers to be a politically neutral, positive statement.

(Well, unless you’re looking for excuses to bash Meghan Markle, apparently)

The reality, of course, is that the majority of Kim’s fans are much more likely to vote for Biden than for Trump due to a number of demographic reasons.

Additionally, increased voter turnout generally equals increased results for candidates on the political left.

This is because more people lean left, but also because those on the left are targeted with voter disenfranchizement.

So while Kim isn’t snapping selfies with Biden like she was with Hillary Clinton back in 2016 (gosh can you imagine how much less deadly this pandemic would have been?), everyone can read between the lines.

It takes less knowledge of voting trends to see that Kim probably has a lot of unspoken feelings about Kanye’s cry for help in the form of a political campaign.

First of all, she has not endorsed him. Can you imagine if a real Presidential candidate’s spouse didn’t seem to endorse them?

It’s not just that Kanye’s weird ramblings make it sound like his Administration would be a nightmare. It’s also that, well, any third party candidate is going to make the election’s outcome worse.

Fortunately, most people aren’t taking Kanye’s “campaign” seriously, and he’s not even on the ballot in many states.

His videos have been called “unbelievably sad” and have people setting aside their annoyance to pity him. He is unwell and unmedicated.

It’s just as well for Kim, because we somehow don’t see her settling into the role of First Lady.

Kim might look like a picture-perfect First Lady … but many suspect that she has grand political aspirations of her own.

Recently, Kim has displayed a keen interest in human rights, using her wealth and influence to make the world a better place.

She is also studying to become an attorney. Many politicians get their start as attorneys, as it gives them legal experience and knowledge.

The idea of Kim as a Senator or Governor actually has an appeal with many people — assuming that she goes about it by acquiring legal and political knowledge and experience.

Kanye would continue to be an embarrassment as the spouse of a politician, but no more than he is to her right now.

Many fans believe that Kim’s tragic flaw is simply that her “Kardashian family solidarity” mindset doesn’t have an offswitch, and so she doesn’t know how to consciously uncouple from Kanye.

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