Kim Kardashian's Friends Are Concerned About Pete Davidson's "Heartbreaker Reputation"

TBH, the fact that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson might be a ~thing~ now is still sinking in and we welcome any and all insights into this unexpected pairing and how they came to be. A Kardashian source just offered some intel about the latter, revealing that Kim put real thought into whether or not she should go for it with the SNL star, polling her inner circle about the potential ‘ship.

“One of the first things Kim did was to get her family and friends’ advice, and they all encouraged her to go for it,” the source told Us Weekly. “It’s been very obvious for a while now that she’s been missing some fun and laughter in her life, and of course Pete offers that in abundance.”

Even though Kim’s friends told her to “go for it” with Pete, they did *not* advise her to go all in on the relationship right away, because, well, Pete has a verrrryy long dating history and a bit of a rep in the romance department.

“People are happy for Kim, but at the same time they’re urging her not to get too carried away or ahead of herself,” the source explained to Us. “Pete has this heartbreaker reputation for a reason, and while his intentions might be honorable, there’s a slight fear that Kim could be setting herself up for a vulnerable situation.”

It seems like Kim is taking the go slow portion of her friends’ advice to heart because, even though she and Pete have been on several dates since they were first spotted holding hands at Knott’s Berry Farm Halloween weekend, an insider told Page Six that the comedian will definitely not be her plus one for Paris Hilton’s wedding later this week.

“[Kim] is not bringing Pete,” the source said. “She will be there solo.”

And this concludes your daily Kim and Pete status update.

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