Kobe Bryant Memorial Could Be Held at Coliseum Instead of Staples Center

Kobe Bryant‘s public memorial could be such a massive event, organizers are considering holding it at the famous L.A. Coliseum because the Staples Center simply isn’t big enough.

Our sources tell us … a meeting took place this week to discuss where Kobe’s eventual memorial might go down in the coming weeks or even months. People who were in the room say a few venues were considered — some made more sense than others.

Of course, the Staples Center is considered “The House That Kobe Built” — but it only holds around 20,000 people … and judging by the massive response to his death, organizers feel they should be ready for a MUCH larger crowd.

The Coliseum holds roughly 80,000 people — and the surrounding parks are capable of holding many, many more. It seems the most logical option at this point.

The Rose Bowl was also brought up as a possible venue — since it holds nearly 91,000 — but we’re told Pasadena is just too far away.

Our sources say no official decision has been made yet, but the conversation is underway. As for Kobe’s funeral service, no decisions have been made about that either.

It could be some time before the memorial is booked because everyone in Kobe’s immediate life is still shattered and reeling from the tragedy.

Kobe was just 41 when he died Sunday. His daughter, Gianna, who also passed away in the helicopter crash, was only 13.

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