Lady Gaga Dropped a Topless, No-Makeup, Unfiltered Selfie and I'm in Awe

Queen of Glam Lady Gaga loves to lean into aesthetic transformations, so it’s rare to see a glimpse of her sporting a toned down look. But today she dropped a video to her Instagram grid captioned “May your 🖤 shine like the ☀️”, and for the picture she went seemingly makeup-free, filter free, and clothing free (legend move) while allowing her brunette hair to swoosh in the breeze.

I’d really just like to take a moment to appreciate her contributions to the normalization of real skin on the gram. That said, this isn’t the first jaw-dropping no-makeup selfie to surface on Gaga’s grid. In fact, Gaga is partial to ’em these days.


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We were particularly taken by her adorable selfie showcasing her freckles last summer, when she posted a golden hour selfie captioned: “Thinking about the world and sending love. I walk in circles and reflect sometimes about what I want to say. I want to say I love you.”

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Gaga, please drop the skincare routine, we beg!! Also: When is Haus going to drop a skincare line? Anyyyy minute now, we hope…

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