Lauryn Shannon Welcomes Baby #2: Will Mama June Ever Meet Him?

He. Is. HERE!

On Wednesday morning, Lauryn Shannon — the oldest daughter of controversial reality star June Shannon, who often goes by the nickname “Pumpkin” — alerted Instagram followers to some miraculous news.

She’s a mother!

Once again!

Along with photos of the newborn, along with a snapshot of her husband holding his son, Lauryn wrote as a caption:

After being admitted into the hospital last night at 2-3 centimeters with heavy contractions our baby boy has finally made his debut.

Everyone meet Bentley Jameson Efird weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces.

Not much else to say about thhe tyke, is there? The little guy is perfect.

The former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star, and current Mama June: Road to Redemption cast member, also shares daughter Ella, 3, with her husband.

She and Josh got married in 2018.

Just a day before welcoming her new addition into the fold, Lauryn gushed over her man in a lovely birthday tribute.

“What’s better than 24? 25!!!!!!!!

“Happy birthday to the absolute love of my life and partner in crime. I’ve had the pleasure of watching you grow into this wonderful young man over the last 6 years,” she wrote.

“You are the best daddy to our little ones and a good father figure for Alana.

“I hope today is all you hope for and more (even though you are working lol). I love you to the moon and back.”

Of course, while no one can question the connection between Josh and Lauryn, plenty of folks out there question the relationshio between this two-time mother and her own parent, June Shannon.

The latter barely talked to her kids for over a year due to an ongoing drug problem.

Mama June was arrested for crack cocaine possession in March 2019 and then proceeded to go on a months-long bender with boyfriend Geno Doak.

She later estimated that she spent around $1 million on drugs overall, which is just… insane.

Lauryn has been candid about her ongoing issues with June, saying this spring that her mom’s addiction has made it hard for her to move on, both personally and professionally.

She’s been having trouble finding a job, for example, due to Shannon’s past.

“I’ve had things happen, especially during Mama’s addiction where like, I was trying to apply for jobs and they wouldn’t hire me because they see what was going on with her,” Lauryn said in April.

Thankfully, June appears to be on a road to recovery these days.

She says she and Doak have been sober for over a year, although they are still together.

“It’s just aggravating because with my mama, she let the addiction of drugs go, but I do think she has an addiction to Geno,” Lauryn previously told The Sun, adding:

“Us as a whole family would just prefer her to be sober and not with Geno.

“When it comes to staying sober, I think Geno is bad for her because he is still manipulative in a way. I don’t feel like that’s good for her coming straight out of an addiction.”

As for Geno?

“That’s who she’s going to choose. I’m not worried about repairing things with him. I for sure want to repair them with my mom,” Lauryn concluded.

No word yet on whether Pumpkin will let her mom anywhere near little Bentley any time soon.

But we still send Lauryn and Josh our very best wishes! Their son is perfect.

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