Leah Messer: My Mom Made Me Lie About My Abortion!

Leah Messer's debut memoir doesn't hit stores until next week, but already, the revelations contained within its pages are making tabloid headlines.

In the book, Leah opens up about her addiction to opioids, as well as the many other challenges she's faced in her young life.

One of the most controversial excerpts addresses the topic of Leah's abortion, which she claimed at the time was a miscarriage,

Now, in a new interview with People magazine, Leah discusses exactly why she chose to lie to fans about this painful chapter in her life.

Take a look:

1.Sharing Her Story

2.Speaking Her Truth

3.A Low Point

4.Misleading the Public

5.Dawn's Early Lie

6.A Difficult Time

7.No Regrets

8.Owning It

9.Moving On

10.Teachable Moment

11.Taking Control

12.Her Story, Her Truth

13.Driven By Passion

14.Baring Her Soul

15.Wise Words

16.Rock Bottom

17.Motivated By Love

18.The Turning Point

19.A Terrifying Moment

20.Driven to the Edge

21.On the Same Page

22.The Wrong Idea

23.More to the Story

24.Happy Ending

25.The Most Important Lesson

26.A Bright Future

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