Lena Dunham on Love Island's Maura Higgins: 'As fun as Maura is when she’s fun, she can also be duplicitous and rageful'

Lena Dunham has elaborated on her opinion about Love Island’s Maura Higgins in a lengthy article about the hit ITV2 show.

The 33 year old actress, writer, and director, who is currently working on a TV project in Wales and is currently on the big screen in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, previously tweeted about her support for Maura when the Longford ‘grid girl’ confronted her then on-screen partner Tom.

“For you folks in the UK who are binging on @LoveIsland like me, like Maura, I want a partner who can match me, not a coward who thinks I’m OTT, cringey and an attention seeker! Team Maura! #loveisland” she wrote.

Now, in a lengthy article for The Guardian, Lena has revealed that while she thinks Maura is “fun” she also thinks she is “rageful” and “duplicitous”.

“Maura. What can I say about Maura. She’s fun. She’s feisty. She’s so Irish that the word “mouth” becomes a clipped battle cry: “Mout! He kissed me right on da mout!” But as fun as Maura is when she’s fun, she can also be duplicitous and rageful,” she wrote.

“She went from telling Amy, “He tusn’t love ya! He tusn’t!” to noticing Curtis’ “manliness” with the cheeky grin of a child who has peeked under the Christmas wrapping.

“We’ve all had that friend, the one who is so all-encompassing when their lovelight is on you that you can’t help but feel you’ve been divinely selected.

“She could get you to trespass on private property, or fat shame someone despite your better judgment. Usually it’s a college thing, but what is Love Island if not college minus the academics and with the emotional temperature turned all the way up?”

Dunham revealed that she was “primed” for the show following a particularly difficult break-up.

Referring to her split from former partner, musician Jack Antonoff, Dunham said that 19 months ago she left her “first long-term relationship and endured a public breakup that wasn’t as bad as Amy’s but made me feel like Amber after Michael walked back into the villa with Joanna”.

She said she “hurled” herself at someone new, who she dated for five months and to whome she became “briefly engaged” before they split and she dated someone else for a while.

“I am asking myself the same questions they ask themselves on Love Island, really,” she wrote.

“Can you love again after hurt? What does partnership mean? And what does it mean to know someone if you don’t know yourself?”

Dunham also joked that ballroom dancer Curtis “looks like a Disney villain” when he smiles and that he hopes his partner Maura Higgins realises that soon.

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Islander Family Portraits 2019 ? #LoveIsland

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Islander Family Portraits 2019 ? #LoveIsland

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Love Island’s fifth series, which comes to an end in the grand finale on Monday with one couple winning a £50,000 prize, has been a hit with viewers over the summer.

The show, hosted by Caroline Flack, has been a money spinner and a ratings hit, viewed by more than six million people at its peak this year.

Earlier this week, ITV revealed that the popular show will run for two series next year as the broadcaster’s revenues and earnings tumbled.

ITV said a new villa will be used in South Africa in early 2020 before filming returns to Majorca in the summer.

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