Listen to Stephen Tompkinson 999 call as actor reports two drunks outside home

Audio of police call made by actor Stephen Tompkinson

This is the moment TV star Stephen Tompkinson called 999 to report two ‘incapable drunks’ outside his home before one of them suffered brain injuries.

The actor, 57, is accused of punching Karl Poole outside his home after confronting him and a friend over the noise they were making in 2001, a court has heard. 

DCI Banks star has been charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm – an allegation which he denies.

Today, Judge Paul Sloan KC sent the jury out to consider its verdict at 3.20pm.

An hour later, they were sent home for the day and will resume their deliberations tomorrow.

In the recording, Stephen can be heard telling the call handler: “Hello mate, I’ve got two incapable drunks outside my house.

“One of them is just in his underwear. They can’t stand,” he continued.

Asked if he knew “who these people are” he responded: “No idea”.

“There’s a bottle of Jägermeister between them I have just taken off them.

“I’ve asked them to move. They can’t move,” he added.

Asked how many people there were, he confirmed there were two men.

The call handler can then be heard informing Tompkinson that they were sending someone along soon as possible.

Newcastle Crown Court has heard Tompkinson emerged from his house wearing pyjamas and a dressing gown after finding Poole and his friend Andrew Hall drinking near his family home at 5.30am.

A neighbour who witnessed the incident from her bedroom window claims she saw Tompkinson slap and punch Poole, while Tompkinson told the court he was pushing him away in self-defence.

Tompkinson’s defence lawyers argued that he would not want to jeopardise his career, calling it “career suicide” for the actor.

The star also told the court how he had put his hand out to stop Poole from coming any closer, making contact with his face, but insisted the force was “not enough to knock a sober man off his feet”.

The prosecution told the court Tompkinson had caused Poole’s skull fracture after “snapping” and “lashing out” at the man.

Lawyers for the prosecution told the jury that Tompkinson’s “obvious talent makes him convincing in putting across a story” and warned: “He is an expert in playing a part – a man tormented by a pair of drunks. He can deliver a line.”

The trial continues. 

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