Lord Alan Sugar faces backlash for 'misjudged' tweet about Ian Wright’s suit

Lord Alan Sugar has come under fire from his followers after sharing a tweet mocking Ian Wright’s suit during a TV appearance.

The businessman, 73, had been watching the Arsenal vs Chelsea football match, which Ian was commentating on for the BBC, when he shared a tweet about what the former footballer was wearing. 

Lord Sugar tweeted: ‘That is one hell of a suit @IanWright0 has on. A bit too dark don’t you think. He could be in camouflage on a beach.’

Fans were quick to respond that the tweet sounded racist, posting: ‘This is incredibly misjudged. And if I’m honest, it’s out of order. I used to look up to you.’

Others added; ‘This is wrong Sir Alan on so many levels’ and ‘Have you honestly said this….. Jesus wept’. 

Some of Lord Sugar’s followers shared screenshots of Ian’s camel-coloured suit to try and explain the ‘joke’, saying that he meant the outfit would camouflage with the beach. 

They posted: ‘what was the “a bit too dark” sentence about? too dark for what? although yes it’s about the suit being sand coloured, he purposefully made the tweet ambiguous to antagonise people. don’t be dense.’

Others added: ‘I hadn’t seen the suit Ian Wright was wearing. Turned on the TV and now understood the joke. Suit is close to the same colour as sand. – not a racist joke as I initially thought. Context really is everything’.

Some defended the poorly-worded tweet, adding: ‘Ian Wright is wearing a dark sand coloured suit. I can’t stand Sugar but we really need to look at things for what they are, not what it is suspected to be’ and ‘I bet half of these replies have not seen his suit.’

Ian had been co-presenting the BBC coverage of the Arsenal vs Chelsea game alongside Gary Lineker and Ashley Cole, with all the men sitting a safe distance away from each other and the stadium being empty of fans to comply with social distancing. 

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