Lori Harvey Had Dreams of Going to The Olympics For This Sport, But She Suffered a Tragic Accident That Ended Her Career

The Internet is on fire with the announcement of Hollywood‘s newest power couple. Model Lori Harvey and actor Michael B. Jordan confirmed after much speculation that they’re officially an item.

Lori Harvey has dated some big names in Hollywood

Harvey, the daughter of TV host and comedian Steve Harvey, has been rumored to be with Jordan for some time now. But even before those rumors started, Harvey was reportedly dating other big names in the industry.

In 2018, rapper and producer Diddy broke up with his longtime girlfriend, fellow singer Cassie. The following year, Diddy was rumored to have moved on with Harvey after they were spotted together several times. Their relationship was never officially confirmed by either of them, but only lasted three months.

Harvey has also dated some other hip-hop moguls in the past few years. Before she got with Diddy, Harvey dated R&B singer Trey Songz. After she and Diddy split in late 2019, she began dating rapper Future for several months.

Lori Harvey is a working model

Harvey has attracted lots of attention for her dating history, and not as much for her modeling career. As the daughter of the fashion blogger Marjorie Elaine Harvey, her love for the industry is in her blood. Harvey has walked in several fashion shows, including Dolce & Gabbana several times during Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

Standing at just 5 feet 3 inches, Harvey is also notably shorter than most models in the industry. “Being that I’m not a traditional model, it’s kind of cool because I feel like it’s opening up a door for a new generation of models that look more like me versus being 5-foot-10 and super skinny [with a] super flat stomach and super skinny legs like everything looks so perfect,” she once told BET. “I feel like you don’t see a lot of color in the fashion industry in general.”

Lori Harvey’s career before modeling was very different

Before she became a model, however, Harvey had a much different career trajectory. When she was growing up in Atlanta, she was a competitive equestrian — a much different career than walking the runways of Paris.

Harvey had a natural talent for the sport and won several awards as she rose up the junior leagues. Her parents also showed their support often. Steve bragged about Lori’s progression in the sport in a 2014 episode of his talk show, and even proudly wore one of her winning ribbons.

Colleges all across America invited Lori to be a recruited equestrian athlete. She began attending Florida College and dreamed of representing the USA in the Olympics. But it all came crashing down one day in a fateful training accident.

Harvey broke her back and tore her MCL in the accident, and the injuries were too much to overcome. Her days of competitive horseback riding were over.

It took a while for Harvey to come to terms with reality. She moved back to Atlanta to complete her studies online. And within a few short years, her career as a model quickly began to take off.

Harvey told Vogue in 2018 that she eventually accepted her fate, and has never let it stop her from riding horses casually today. “I wanted to be a professional equestrian,” she recalled, “but I got injured badly a few years ago, so now I only ride leisurely.”

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