Lorraine Kelly bids heartfelt farewell to brilliant BBC broadcaster

Steve Wright announces on air that he's leaving BBC Radio 2

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The characteristically chirpy 62-year-old presenter, who hosts her own daytime talk show Lorraine, took to social media to wish Steve Wright, 68, a fond farewell and explain how “lucky” she was to have been a guest of his extremely popular radio slot Steve Wright in the Afternoon. Steve’s departure from the radio comes after the BBC decided to axe the show after 23 years in a bid to reduce the age of the main presenters on the station.

Sharing her farewell message with her 716,000 Twitter followers, Lorraine wrote: “Can’t believe it’s the last #SteveWrightInTheAfternoon

“Loved being a listener and also lucky enough to have been a guest.

“Steve is such a brilliant broadcaster.”

Sharing her respect and adoration for the radio DJ, many also shared their appreciation with Steve in the comments section of the star’s tweet.

Gaining 794 likes, user @MrHmultisports commented: “Steve Wright has been pretty much the radio of my life.

“From Diamond Geezer Mr Spoon in the 80s/90s to driving me home throughout my teaching career.

“You’ll know what you’re missing when it’s gone. Feel sad driving home today. Thanks Steve. Sad Drivin! #SteveWrightInTheAfternoon.”

While another added: “Afternoon radio will not be the same.”

While many shared their sadness and others hoped that Steve leaving the radio was a “hoax” a select few shared their opinion that the BBC has made a mistake trying to change the age of the listeners.

User @romanis_s wrote: “I have listening afternoons as I always have to Steve from Radio 1 to 2 and will follow on wherever he goes.

“Radio 2 moving onto younger audiences and DJs (sad ageism is creeping into their agenda again) – afternoons sat at home writing will never be the same (or as fun) again.” (sic)

And user Julia said: “Tragic what’s happening on radio 2.”

Ahead of his final appearance, Steve also took to social media. He wrote on Radio 2’s social media accounts: “I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to listen over the past 23 years.

“I would like to say what a privilege it’s been bringing you great choons (sic), conversation, information, entertainment, high humour and of course great guests.”

The lovable host added: “I’m not retiring! Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs continues on Radio 2 every weekend.”

Amid the BBC Radio 2 mixup, Radio 1’s Scott Mills is set to take over the afternoon slot.

The BBC is not the only channel making shake-ups, Lorraine’s show on ITV recently had a mix up of presenters as the Glasgow-born star informed viewers that Christine Blakeley would step in presenting duties.

Towards the end of her show on September 29, Lorraine told viewers: “Right, that’s all for today.

“Christine is here tomorrow with Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler. You have a great day.”

It is currently unclear what prompted the star to miss hosting her much-loved show.

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