Love Island’s Malin took laxatives and made herself sick before £7k surgery

Love Island 's Malin Andersson has confessed she took laxatives and made herself sick before spending £7,000 on cosmetic surgery as she yearned for the "perfect" body.

The reality star, who appeared in the show in 2016, says she went to extreme lengths to slim down.

Malin, 26, blamed cruel trolls for making her feel insecure about her looks.

She told Closer magazine: "I would never have dreamed of getting surgery if it hadn’t been for the trolls and my insecurities.

"I thought fixing the outside would fix me on the inside, too.

“I spent so long counting calories and weighing myself, getting rid of any food I put in my body –whether it was laxatives or making myself sick.

"I was unhappy and constantly feeling like I wasn’t good enough.”

Malin has since learned to love her body, and admits her whole outlook on life changed after a series of family tragedies.

She lost her mum to cancer in 2017, and in January she was dealt another cruel blow when her baby daughter, named after her, died aged just four weeks.

The telly beauty recenty wrote an open letter to herself urging her to love herself.

Malin wrote: "Hey there young self. I wanna have a quick word with you…

"In around 8-10 years time you would have given birth to the most beautiful little girl. Things weren’t meant to be and she left this earth.. But there’s a lot more to it. You finally learnt how to love and appreciate your body.

"That toned stomach you always wanted – no longer. The uplifted perky boobs – no longer… Bra fat, back fat? Yes please. Cellulite ? Well it’s been there the whole time but you just stopped stressing and trying to rub your skin raw with weird salts.

"What you don’t realise yet is that your body is a machine. It’s powerful and is capable of a lot. Look after it, nourish it. Please stop punishing yourself for eating. Don’t make yourself sick or take 3-4 laxatives every night. You’ll be left with IBS and intolerant to a ton of foods. It’s not nice believe me…

"You’ll also love yourself the most you have ever loved. This is your authentic self, the true meaning of self-love.

"Your skin will be glowing, hair and nails ever strong your mind will be in its most clarity and you’ll understand the true meaning of appreciating life and that is doesn’t revolve on the importance of being ‘PERFECT’.

"Oh.. and you’ll also be helping thousands of women/men on different issues. How rewarding is that? That is the definition of fulfilment. What would your future self write to you?"

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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