Lucy Spraggan forced to cut holiday short after she and girlfriend received homophobic abuse

X Factor star Lucy Spraggan has taken to her Instagram to share with her 172k followers how she and her girlfriend were forced to cut their holiday to Malta short as they received homophobic abuse.

The 30 year old singer shared a lengthy post and two pictures of herself and her girlfriend, one in Malta and the second enjoying their spa break on their return.

She wrote: “Our holiday lasted 2.5 days.

“I was SO looking forward to Malta and one of the reasons was because I’d heard it was so LGBT friendly and progressive.

“So many people recommended it and said they’d had such a good time.”

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The singer explained that they arrived “in the wrong part of town”.

She said: “First day we arrived we realised we’d landed in the wrong part of town – every other bar was a ‘gentlemen’s club’ and it was clearly a party destination, and everywhere we went someone shouted ‘lesbians’ at us.

“(I shouldn’t have to say this but we weren’t holding hands and both looked pretty femme, didn’t even have tattoos out so these blokes have some gaydar)

“The woman on the desk in the first hotel said she completely understood why we didn’t want to stay there and let us leave early.

“Same day we went to a restaurant in Valletta where the waiter said: ‘The way you girls are sitting is so sexy, you are making us all hard’.

“Yeah. Word for word.”

The blonde star went into further detail about their experience continued.

She explained: “It makes me so angry that all we could do was f***ing laugh in disbelief and calmly ask for the bill, he said ‘don’t leave, stay here’ and to diffuse the situation I said ‘we have more to discover here’ to which he said: ‘How about I discover her with you’.

“Next up we went to the new hotel where the balcony door didn’t lock. Called reception to tell them, the man says:

“Maintenance will fix it tomorrow’. And we said… ‘We don’t want to stay in a room that doesn’t lock?!’

“He said ‘don’t worry, this area is very safe’. I said ‘that it may be, but we are not sleeping in a room that doesn’t lock’.

“He said ‘I don’t get your point, madam’ and continued for 30 mins to argue about having a f***ing lock on a balcony door.”

Their frustration did not end there as the pair received further homophobic abuse later that night.

Lucy said: “Later that evening some local men were sat down where we ordered an ice cream – as soon as we sat down they started doing the international first and middle finger scissor bashing sign for lesbians whilst shouting in our direction.

“There were quite a few other things to add but caption’s done. I am sick to f***ing death of feeling threatened as a woman.

“Sick to f***ing death of feeling threatened as a lesbian.

“I am sick to f***ing death of being spoken down to by men across the globe.

“Came home and went to the spa. Malta was beautiful, but experience was not.”

Reality star Chloe Madeley took to the post to share her disgust at the way they were treated.

She said: “Jesus Christ. What a f***ing ordeal. Absolutely disgusting behaviour and Im with you, it’s sickening that anyone ever had to deal with it at all, let alone now, in 2021, after a worldwide pandemic and a new appreciation of the human experience. I’m sorry for you both … but the spa day looks lush.”

British transgender activist and author Charlie Craggs also commented on Lucy’s post, saying: “Im so so sorry Lucy, relate to this feeling so hard, so f***ing tired.”

Fans of the star also shared support with one saying: “Omg that’s awful that is disgusting and disrespectful. Don’t ever forget you are f***in awsome xx”

Another penned: “Hate that what should’ve been a lovely experience was tarnished by f***ing ignorance. I hope your spa experience was mint! X”

A third said: “I'm sorry to hear this. Love and hugs being sent. Hope you enjoyed the spa.”

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