Major League Eating Stars Devour 22-Pound Turkey In Epic 7-Minute Feast

Ever wonder how quickly two competitive eaters could take down a Thanksgiving turkey??

Well, you’re in luck … ’cause Major League Eating stars Miki Sudo and her fiancé, Nick Wehry, just ate it on camera — and, check out the clip, they devoured the big bird in 7 minutes!!!

Sudo and Wehry took on the holiday challenge just a few days ago … grabbing a 21.6-pound turkey for the occasion.

The two dug in without any silverware — and they ate it all the way down to the bone in a matter of minutes!!

Of course, the super-speedy meal should come as a surprise to nobody — Sudo is the #1-ranked female eater in the world, while Wehry is the #6-ranked male eater.

In fact, Sudo and Wehry have both impressively eaten alongside Joey Chestnut for years at the famous Nathan’s 4th of July hot dog contest.

The two have feasted on Thanksgiving before — they famously ate a meal prepped for 12 in right around 20 minutes back in 2020.

Yeah … and you thought your family could eat!

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