Mariah Carey Throws Shade At Modern Pop Stars

In an exclusive new interview with Cosmopolitan, R&B star and Bottle Cap Challenge Queen, Mariah Carey opened up about her rocky childhood and the present generation of musicians.

Coming from a broken family with parents who got divorced when she was only 3, Carey remained an eternally hopeful and optimistic young child.

“As a kid, I always hoped for great Christmases, and we didn’t have them,” she said. “My brother and sister would come back to wherever I was with my mom, and they’d be fighting and ruining the holiday. I would still be like, ‘You know what? I just want to have the best time.'”

However, the 5-time Grammy Award-winning artist is not pleased with the music industry’s current standards, saying “A lot of artists say they write, but they don’t really write. No offense to anybody. That’s just what I’ve seen.”

“A lot of girls are just nude in front of everybody. No offense to them,” she added, saying “Anybody can make a video now.”

Having released her latest album, Caution, in 2018, Carey is currently working on new music, she revealed earlier this year, saying “”We were all in the studio last night” at a Music Festival in Barcelona.

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