Meet Lauren London's 2 Sons, Kameron and Kross


When Nipsey Hussle was killed on March 31, 2019, the world immediately came together not only to grieve but to support his long-term girlfriend and the mother of his child: Lauren London. Together, the couple welcomed son Kross in 2016, making their blended family a clan of five — London has another son, 11-year-old Kameron, whom she shares with her ex Lil Wayne, and Hussle’s daughter, Emani, is now 12.

Since Hussle’s death, London has for the most part stayed out of the public eye aside from promoting her TV and movie projects, her latest being Netflix’s “You People,” which premiered on Jan. 27. The actor has done only a few interviews over the last almost four years. In an April 2021 interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” she spoke openly about grief and how important it was to show her children she was easing back into the world. “We can’t stop, you know?” she said. “We do have a purpose, all of us, and it’s important for my sons to see me moving forward with grief, not just curling up in a ball, because I curled up in a ball for a long time.”

In July 2022, London spoke about her life after Hussle’s death in an in-depth interview on the “Angie Martinez IRL” podcast, stating that she’s “so honest” with her sons because “it helps them trust me” and vice versa. “I’m trying my best to help them cultivate how to deal with their emotions as best as I can through therapy. . . . Anything that I do that feeds my soul I share with them, because I feel like I don’t know where they’re going to go with their lives, but as long as they have the tools,” London said.

With legends like their fathers and an empowering role model like their mom, Kameron and Kross have a lot to look up to. Get to know London’s kids a little better ahead.

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