Meghan Markle branded hypocrite for using royal title in US politics

Meghan Markle is “pushing the Queen into a corner” by using her Royal title in the U.S., a commentator has claimed.

In a public letter addressing paid parental leave to US senators, Meghan signed off as the Duchess of Sussex – despite not being part of the Royal family anymore.

Following this Republican senator Shelly Moore Capito from West Virginia told Politico that Meghan called and introduced herself as the “Duchess of Sussex”.

Now commentator Daniela Elser has insisted that by using her title when wading into politics, Meghan has made things “awkward” for the Queen.

Elser labelled the Duchess a “hypocrite” in her news column.

“What is a real head scratcher here is why Meghan continues to wheel out her title in such instances as these calls to Senator when she must know it like holding a red rag to a bull?” Elser wrote.

“Why endanger the most marketable thing going for the couple?

“For one thing, it makes her look like a hypocrite. She and Harry didn’t want to remain a part of the royal stable but are happy to keep using the trappings that came with said job when it suits her purposes? Riiiight.

“If either of them continue to push their various political agendas, the question becomes whether Her Majesty will be forced to act in regards to their Sussex titles which were, of course, a wedding gift.”

Elser showed her support for Meghan getting involved in American politics in the column, however she did not agree with her doing so by moonlighting as a Royal.

“I personally think that Meghan Markle would be a sensational political operative who embodies the sort of progressive values that could translate to real gains for Americans. Vote one Meg!

“But – the Duchess of Sussex? She belongs nowhere near the White House.”

Meghan has – unlike Royals typically – been very open about her political views when it comes to global preservation, along with husband Prince Harry and Prince William.

After coming down on Congress, Missouri's GOP Representative Jason Smith would like Meghan to be relinquished of her Royal title.

“Ms Markle's latest interference in US politics reignites the question in my mind as to why the Royal Family does not simply strip her and Harry officially of their titles,” he said.

“Particularly since she insists on sending this under the pretence of being the Duchess of Sussex."

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